Docker Monitoring Stack with Grafana


  • Grafana: For visualising graphs
  • Prometheus: Timeseries Database for Metrics
  • cAdvisor: Exposes Container Metrics
  • Node-Exporter: Exposes Node Metrics
  • Alertmanager: Manages Alerts


git clone
cd docker-monitoring-stack-gpnc
help                           This help.
up Runs the containers in detached mode
clean Stops and removes all containers
logs View the logs from the containers
open Opens tabs in container


docker-compose up -d
docker-compose ps
Name                   Command                  State               Ports         
cadvisor /usr/bin/cadvisor -logtostderr Up (healthy) 8080/tcp
grafana / Up>3000/tcp
node-exporter /bin/node_exporter --path. ... Up 9100/tcp
prometheus /bin/prometheus --config.f ... Up>9090/tcp
alertmanager /bin/alertmanager --config ... Up>9093/tcp



docker-compose down

Github Repository

Thank You




DevOps Engineer and Open Source Enthusiast

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Ruan Bekker

Ruan Bekker

DevOps Engineer and Open Source Enthusiast

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