Excitedness when Traefik mentions you on Twitter

Ruan Bekker
1 min readJun 12, 2019


I love blogging about tech stuff, that’s a fact.

I recently started digging into Kubernetes and thought of something that I would like to deploy on Kubernetes.

The answer was clear, as I wanted to deploy multiple apps and as easy as possible. As the load balancer, definitely Traefik.

It just works, registering apps with Traefik is so convenient and easy, and I personally think, they could not have made it any easier to use. I’ve been using it for my personal hosting for over 2 years with no issues.

After I played around with it, I decided to write up a blog post and this happened:

And then a couple of minutes later:

At that point in time, I was like w000000000t!!

It’s such an amazing feeling when you are passionate about blogging and sharing knowledge with the world, and the creators of the service mention you on twitter.

Absolutely amazingness! :D

The post for “Setup Traefik as an Ingress Controller on Kubernetes” is available here:



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